Why Community Now?

Community in a business context is not new — but it has evolved from the early days of in-person events and online support forums. With new types of businesses, different expectations of how companies and customers interact, and the reliance on attention capital for success in today's economy, communities, especially online communities, have taken center stage.

These communities offer companies the ability to easily connect with members, forging strong relationships and building trust rapidly in comparison to traditional marketing tactics. Building these relationships ensures that members and potential customers are paying attention to you.

The Facts


Ads are becoming less effective [1]


Many are moving away from social media and turning to micro-communities [2]


Trust is critical to building relationships and brand affinity [3]

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Community takes time

The path to ROI may feel like a long and winding one at times, but investing early and sticking with it pays off. Communities are critical not only for standing out from your competitors, but also for creating a stickier place where both companies and community members derive unparalleled value.

By investing in community early, you open the doors for:

Frequent, high-quality customer feedback and advocacy
Reduced dependency on paid acquisition channels
Increased customer retention
Earned trust that will benefit the brand and organization