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We believe that a thriving community is a company's most valuable asset. Community scales your business, resources, and presence in ways that traditional marketing or advertising channels can't. When done right, community enables and improves customer acquisition, streamlines support and success, bolsters retention, and provides crucial product insights. Community is the beating heart of the business that keeps the rest of the team running.

Community is taking center stage at organizations across all industries. With traditional marketing techniques reaching a saturation point and more of our lives taking place online, companies are rightly turning to community now more than ever. But while community builders rejoice at the progress being made, we must ensure that companies understand this isn't just a trending marketing technique. Community-led companies are the future.

Community may look different for every company, but the core set of underlying principles remain the same. Together we pledge to help build companies where:

  • Community is central, not treated as a bolt-on to sales, marketing, support, or any other department. Community is community.

  • Community and the community builder are properly valued and empowered.

  • Community exists and is built for the sake of community and its members.

  • Community builders will be intentional about creating safe, inclusive, and healthy community spaces

We will be community-led, and we will provide the data, evidence-based case studies and resources to help guide the next generation of community-led companies.

Signature from Mac Reddin
Mac Reddin, Co-Founder & CEO
Johnny Boufarhat, Founder & CEO
Jack Altman, Founder & CEO
Camille Rickets, Head of Brand
Leif Abraham, Co-CEO
Manny Medina, CEO
Jeff Hudson, CEO
Signature from Ajay Kulkarni
Ajay Kulkarni, Founder & CEO
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David Booth, CEO
Karri Saarinen, Co-Founder & CEO
Willa Tellekson-Flash, Community Operations Lead
Li Jin, Founder & Managing Partner
Tiffany Zhong, Co-Founder & CEO
Nate Tucker, Co-Founder & CEO
Dave Fano, Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Bouaziz, Co-Founder & CEO
Alexis Ohanian, Founder
Edward Chiu, Co-founder & CEO
Paul Estes, Chief Community Officer
Signature from John Britton
John Britton, Founder & CEO
Daniel Liebeskind, Co-Founder & CEO
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Joseph Quan, Co-Founder & CEO
Holly Firestone, VP of Community
David Siegel, CEO
Ben Hindman, Co-Founder & CEO
Aileen Horgan, VP-Marketing
Sid Yadav, CEO
Robin van Lieshout, Co-founder & CEO
Austin Petersmith, Founder & CEO
Josh Buckley, CEO
Jess Lee, Co-founder
Jonathan Gottfried, Co-founder
Kevin Boyce, CEO
Najva Sol, Head of Product & Marketing
Anand Kishore, CEO
Paul D'Arcy, CMO
Stephanie Grice, Head of Global Community
Antonia & Ethan Hellman, Founders and co-CEOs
Tessa Kriesel, Founder and CEO
Alex Angel, Chief Community Officer
Ben Halpern, Co-Founder
Brian Oblinger, Co-Host
In Before The Lock
Erica Kuhl, Co-Host
In Before The Lock
Erik Martin, Chief Community Officer
Shivanath Devinarayanan, CEO
Sergio Mattei, Founder
Andreas Constantinou, CEO & Founder
Mark Tan, Director of Product
Peter Frank, Co-Founder

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