What is a

A community is a group of people brought together by something they have in common. In a business sense, this community often lives in an online platform, a space where members can connect with the business and each other.

There are three primary types of communities, though a community can be more than one type at the same time.

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Community of Product

A community of product primarily revolves around a specific product. This could be a physical product (like Peloton), a SaaS product (like Salesforce), or a digital product.

Member Goals

Answer support questions, provide product feedback, share and learn from experiences with other people who use the product

Business Goals

Reduce support costs, collect feedback, build brand trust


Salesforce, Atlassian, Glossier, The Community Club

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Community of Practice

Communities that revolve around a shared profession, skill, or space, usually broader than just a single product. These communities can contain a community of product within them.

Member Goals

Become better or more knowledgeable on a subject, support others as they learn/grow

Business Goals

Drive thought leadership, find ideal customers, increase affinity


The Community Club, Peloton, Makerpad

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Community of Interest

These communities are focused on interest-based connections. These most often center around hobbies or passion projects, like video games, cooking, or astronomy.

Member Goals

Find people who share similar interests to connect with, learn more about their interest/passion

Business Goals

Drive thought leadership, find ideal customers, build brand trust


/r/malefashionadvice, American Astronomical Society, Mumsnet